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What is a rewire?

A rewire would be disconnecting, and reinstalling a circuit, or several circuits in a property, using new cable, accessories and in line with current regulations. There would be many reasons for doing this, most of the time, it’s purely down to age of the installation, but could also be as a result of damage, poor workmanship or maybe to increase the value of a property.

Ecospark undertake rewires regularly, and we pride ourselves on our ability to complete them to a high standard, quickly, and we put a lot of effort into keeping the property as tidy as possible while work is being done, and once the work is complete.

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Customer relationships are our #1 priority. Relationships are at the core of our work, right down to the way we present ourselves on your premises.

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Why is being local important to us? Because you deal with our friendly employees who understand Yorkshire is a community driven region of the country.

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We're not just a friendly bunch, we're very serious when it comes to our work. Taking pride in the highest standards, keeping in line with the 18th Edition.


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Our efficient service

Rewires can be very disruptive, especially if the property is being used or lived in. For an average property, we aim to get the rewire done within a week, maybe 2. During that time you can expect the property to be without power.

Generally, damage to walls in the form of ‘chases’ are to be expected unless arranged otherwise, and floorboards (and carpets) will have to be lifted. We can organise plaster to be repaired if needed.

If you need more information, or want a quote for a rewire, then call Callum today! We offer free quotes, a quick response and reasonable rates.

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